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Pathfinders Needs Your Support

Pathfinders Needs Your Support
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Become a Member and help keep Pathfinders' doors open!

The operating expenses of Pathfinders are only partially covered by the rent received from the various meetings and the sales of coffee and other items at the club.

A significant portion of our operating funds comes from our membership.  Help support Pathfinders by becoming a member today.

Benefits of Membership

A friendly & quiet atmosphere.

Social Gatherings & Potluck Suppers.

WiFi Hotspot.

AA and other literature and cards available for sale at or near cost.

Membership Dues: $15 per month, or $150 per year.  (NOTE: Membership Dues are not tax deductible.)

Membership Application Forms are a part of the Pathfinders Alano Club pamphlet and are available in the clubhouse.  Please see a House Steward for assistance.  You may also click the link below for a Membership Application Form in PDF format that can be printed out and mailed in or brought in to the club.

Click here for the Membership Application Form (PDF)


For an additional $100 per year, you can help towards the maintenance and repairs of the clubhouse.


For an additional $100 per month, you can help towards the maintenance and repairs of the clubhouse.

The Pathfinders Club * 3367 Glendale Blvd * Atwater Village CA 90039
(323) 662-9871