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Where our members and guests get creative...

Some original photos of Bill W., Lois, and many others from the first days of A.A.

"Hello from Detroit" - inspiring email and prayer request from Craig C.

Board member Sheridan K.'s blog: ml cool s

Honorary member David Zasloff's "Serenity Prayer"

Attendee Sam Harris' Official Site

Singer Sadia Carone's Website

Here at Pathfinders, we love to showcase our members' and our guests' creativity.  If you have any kind of web prescence, be it a blog, a photo album, a website, a social network account, or something else, please forward your links to the email below, and we will be happy to post them in this section.

The Pathfinders Club * 3367 Glendale Blvd * Atwater Village CA 90039
(323) 662-9871